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Letter from the founder

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Letter from the founder

Dear customers, employees, and partners,


Ever since its inception, Hashem Brothers for Essential Oils & Aromatic Products has strived to present its customers with the highest quality services. As passionate manufacturers, our focus is on committing ourselves to produce the finest the industry has to offer. We employ sustainable sourcing and responsible environmental practices when attempting new plans, as they are the starting point of delivering our promises.

I founded the group in 1974 with profound integrity and loyalty to the industry as well as the people who support its essence. I have always been an active believer in perfection, equality, and the promotion of a strong work ethic, all of which make up the core of our business to this day. My legacy stands as a testament to the noble values and principles instilled in this domain. As a family partnership, we continue to operate with the purpose of preserving our message and taking pride in every aspect of it.

At HB, everyone works hard to meet the highest standards of product safety and quality. We follow stringent product and ingredient standards, and we depend on a socially and environmentally committed supply chain.

We also have a profound respect for human rights, which extends across all aspects of our business conduct, including the ways we interact with suppliers, colleagues, customers, and communities. Employees at HB are considered family which is why we always supply them with the best working conditions in order to encourage a comprehensive work environment built on honesty and equality. We also make sure to provide them with adequate trainings for them to develop essential skills.

Finally, I would like to stress that I am pleased to share with you our success stories, challenges, opportunities, and our future commitments to give you an in-depth overview of who we really are as well as create a tangible and proactive relationship with all our stakeholders.