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Our main facility is in Shebin, Qalyubia which is considered one of the oldest facilities for essential oils in Egypt. It was built in 1945 by a French family named Berra where their main purpose was to move the plantation of Neroli and Jasmine to Egypt after the second world war.

Nowadays this facility has been updated with technology to ensure the best quality and purity of our products. Additionally, our large production capacity enables us to keep pace with the increasing global demands.  We always aim to maximize product quality, reduce production wastes, minimize the negative impact on our environment, as well as control product safety and hygiene. Qalyubia is not our only facility, we have three other facilities that are situated in Kotour 100 km North of Cairo, Regwa, West Dessert 60 km West of Cairo, and a mobile facility that moves around wherever the plantation is.

Our production lines :


We have 4 distillation facilities that produce nearly 140 tons per batch.

  1. Our main one is in Qalyubia, Delta 50 km North of Cairo.
  2. Regwa, West Dessert 60 km West of  Cairo.
  3. Kotour 100 km North of Cairo.
  4. Mobile Facility.

We have 2 extraction facilities that process 12 tons of flowers per day and can process up to 7<br /> different products at the same time and eliminating any risk of contamination.

  1. Kotour 100 km North of Cairo
  2. Qalyubia 50 km North of Cairo.
Cold Pressing

We also have 2 Cold pressing facilities that process 40 tons of fruits.

  1. Qalyubia 50 km North of Cairo.


We proudly have the largest market share of Egypt’s largest Jasmine and Bitter orange plantations.

We proudly have the largest market share of Egypt’s Jasmine Concrete, Geranium, and most of the Neroli oil output. Additionally, our plantations include Marjoram and Basil linalool which are also considered significant in the Egyptian market.

Situated in the heart of the fertile Nile Delta and near the plantations, the strategic location of all our facilities helped in incorporating the freshest ingredients in the production process. The flowers are picked every morning and brought immediately to the facilities which guarantee a steady supply of the finest flowers, which in turn ensures an excellent end product that is 100% pure and natural.


HB labs are all located close to our facilities and plantations so that we can control and monitor our daily production. All labs are highly equipped with several Gas Chromatography devices including GC/MS which helps us test the chemical composition of each essential oil.

Our headquarters lab is mainly for research, development, and final checks. We have a highly qualified team of experts that are constantly researching for new products to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. This approach helps HB to perform in an effective and customer-oriented manner. We also have a lab in Banisuif that is not only for our use as we opened it for public use as well to answer the small farmer’s needs.

Quality Control

HB is determined to set the benchmark in excellence, due to our insatiable thirst for quality, we carry quality checks at all stages right from the procurement of the raw materials to production, testing the outcome in every step along the supply chain until the storage of the products. Working according to the latest IFRA/IOFI latest guidelines.
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