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Stakeholder engagement and reporting is a crucial planning tool that helps companies achieve their business targets more effectively.

It is a formal communication tool where companies and industries can engage to ensure sustainability and growth while winning the support of its stakeholders as well.

We make sure that all ideas are heard and that every opinion matters through frequent social responsibility reporting, global compact communication on progress, focus groups, interviews with customers, e-mails, and stakeholder dialogue.

As part of good corporate governance, we enter into discussions with our stakeholders and make an effort to respect their interests. We know that they have a critical influence on whether our business thrives or fails. Their expectations and needs are what links our company’s commitment to sustainability with our business success.

Our business puts us in contact with different groups of people, including clients, suppliers, employees, investors, representatives of governments, residents of the neighborhoods surrounding our facilities, the media, opinion makers, and NGOs. That’s why maintaining an active dialogue with these external interest groups serves as a tool to help us identify expectations and develop credible solutions, which is why we foster discourse everywhere we do business, one that plays out on an international level as well as in regional and local settings.